Who Are “The Idiots”

Andy Julia, Mimi Fox, Schmo The Intern, Chris Hayes, Drea Richard and Jim the Producer are taking you for a full throttle ride through the world we live in. No topic is off limits, and no one is safe. Nothing but a good time filled with laughter and the asinine ramblings of a crew of idiots.

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Meet “The Idiots”

Andy Julia – Writer/comedian/radio host, Andy Julia is the silky voiced host of “The Idiots”. He started out doing comedy as a kid, imitating cartoon characters and spending way too much time alone in his bedroom with a tape recorder. At 19, on a dare from a friend, he took the stage at an open mic night and never looked back. Andy is the creator and writer of “Sex and the married Idiot”, and the popular “METEOROBVIOUS Weather”
Dréa Richard – Dréa Richard is no stranger to the stage. Starting with local drag shows to the main stage of Plays and Players she loves comedy. Being a transgender women living in Philadelphia she bring a little twist to the mic. She’s sassy and not mean and has no problem keeping it real with her mouth.
Mimi Fox – Mimi is a “Professional” (what type of professional is confidential) by day who began her career in comedy by entertaining large groups of co-workers while simultaneously pissing off her bosses.  Today she is self employed which has reduced the size of her audience to her small staff but eliminated the possibility of being terminated.  Mimi resides in South Jersey with her adult children and their offspring.  She routinely vacations abroad with her most current boyfriend who dumps her after a free vacation!  She can be found on Wildfire Radio with her fellow Idiots on Monday nights from 6:30 to 7:30pm
Schmo The Intern – Shmo The Intern is a south jersey resident. He is the zany character you hear each and every Monday night at 6:30 on The Idiots radio show. The show hosts Andy Julia & Ray Anthony gave Shmo his start fetching things. Unfortunately for the hosts Shmo doesn’t have a drivers license so he really couldn’t fetch anything. Shmo won over the audience with his superb spelling and reading skills and his impeccable mathematical abilities. Ladies and gentlemen this is only approximately 10% of his talents he has unveiled to you. There is still so many layers for dear Shmo to reveal. So please stay tuned to The #1 Radio Show In America The Idiots on Wildfire Radio. He welcomes all challenges.
Chris Hayes – What can you say about Chris Hayes? He’s Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world…. No, wait. That’s Journey. He Spent his days with a woman unkind, smoked his stuff and drank all his wine… Nope, that’s Zeppelin. Chris Hayes, who gets hand written thank you letters every Christmas from several Bourbon and Scotch producers, is a jack of all trades and master of none. He’s been everything from a radio station manager and potato chip and cellular sales all star to temporary occupant in the Philadelphia County Corrections, he turned to comedy in 2009 and the rest, as they say, is history. Having performed alongside many nationwide headliners, he’s made a bit of a name for himself. Now making his home on wildfire radio with the idiots, Chris combines a mix of lucid, intelligent, well thought out opinions with a flurry of dick jokes and double entendres. He’s the proud father of 2 college aged kids, a writer, an avid vinyl collector, and all things Philly sports related. Buy him a drink and be his friend.